Endorsements for Changing Your Mind Without Losing Your Faith

“This book is a courageous attempt to show that a contemporary person who is morally sensitive and scientifically knowledgeable can hold and live out a biblical form of Christian faith. . . . Holley writes both for Christians who have doubts and nonbelievers who find themselves unable to arrive at any kind of faith. The book itself models the view of faith Holley develops: faith faces critical questions honestly and humbly but can arrive at a view of God and the world that inspires hope and makes love central to human existence.”

—C. Stephen Evans, Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, Baylor University


“A great many Christians, and some former Christians, are in need of what David Holley has to say. They have been taught the Christian faith as a tight package of beliefs, so that questioning any one belief will cause the whole package to fall apart. Holley both explains and demonstrates how thinking hard, and even questioning some parts of the package, can contribute to a faith that continues to grow and become stronger. Hope this works for you!”

—William Hasker, former Editor, Faith and Philosophy