This book is written for people who are tempted to leave the church because the message they have been hearing has come to seem intellectually unacceptable, morally objectionable, or spiritually deadening, maybe even all three. Often, these people see no alternative to the version of Christian faith that they now find difficult to accept. They have been told that rejecting anything they have been taught means ceasing to be a Christian.

What they have been told is wrong. But seeing new possibilities means reconsidering assumptions that are often taken for granted, and it can be difficult to imagine on your own a form of faith different from what you are used to. This book provides some help. It can be thought of as a guide for those who see the need to let go of some of what they have been taught, but don’t know how to replace it with something better.

Rethinking your faith can be scary. But giving up on what is unbelievable can help to clear the way for the kind of faith that is more believable and ultimately more satisfying. Changing your mind can be a way of saving your faith.