David Holley

About David M. Holley

David M. Holley taught philosophy for over forty years at universities in Kansas, Arizona, and Mississippi. He retired from teaching in 2018. He currently lives in Texas with his wife Joyce and can sometimes be seen kayaking on Stillhouse-Hollow Lake. He regularly watches games of the New Orleans Saints and the Baylor Bears. His most recent book, Changing Your Mind Without Losing Your Faith, was completed during the lockdown year of the pandemic.

Dr. Holley is a past president of the Society for Philosophy of Religion. His professional awards include the “Excellence in Philosophy of Religion Prize,” “Templeton Foundation Prize for an Outstanding Course in Religion and Science,” and multiple study grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities. He was recognized by his university as “Grand Marshall – Distinguished Professor.”

His previous books include Meaning and Mystery: What It Means to Believe in God (2010), and he has published numerous articles in major philosophical journals. These include “Humble Confessionalism” (European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 2018), “Confident Religious Faith and Intellectual Virtue” (International Philosophical Quarterly, 2017), “Practical Considerations and Evidence in James’s Permission to Believe” (Religious Studies, 2015), “Religious Disagreements and Epistemic Rationality” (International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 2013), “How Can A Believer Doubt That God Exists?” (The Philosophical Quarterly, 2011), and “Treating God’s Existence As An Explanatory Hypothesis” (American Philosophical Quarterly, 2010).