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Professor of Philosophy for over forty years with nationally recognized contributions to Philosophy of Religion

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Books on Christian faith, belief in God, and self-interest, as well as numerous articles in scholarly journals on topics in ethics and Philosophy of Religion

Faith Reimagined

Christian faith is often presented as a package deal from which no deviations are permitted. But the packages we are given are better thought of as versions of Christianity, and some of these versions are deeply flawed. When one version becomes unbelievable, we may need help in imagining better alternatives.

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Less Condemnation, Greater Humility

The dominant impression of Christians conveyed in popular media isn’t very flattering. They are often represented as mindlessly dogmatic, harshly judgmental, and openly antagonistic toward those who don’t share their view of things. This impression can be challenged, of course. It is typically the most extreme examples who…

Us and Them

One of the central reasons that Jesus was criticized by the religious elite of his day was his willingness to welcome people who fell outside their circle of respectability. Jesus associated with the common people who didn’t have the time or resources to devote themselves to studying and…

Creation and Control

There are some people who have a theology that says God is in control of everything, so the universe is the first kind. They think that in creating, God knows everything that will happen, and in deciding to create this universe, endorses what will happen down to the…

Being Saved

The central issue for the version of Christianity I grew up with was whether you would go to heaven or hell after death. The churches I attended all taught that your ultimate destiny depended on whether or not you had been saved.

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As this site develops, this section of the homepage will have responses to questions you raise about matters discussed in the reflections or the books. You can ask a question on the contact form below or on the contact page. The questions included here are mostly those I judge to be of general interest. Note that there are also some questions and responses in the interview about the book Changing Your Mind Without Losing Your Faith.

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